A selection of project-related publications by the team and those we are working with:



Alexander Koensler (2021), Trying a Sobrero? (Forum “New climate change activism: before and after the Covid‐19 pandemic”), Social Anthropology, 29(1), pp.232-234



Stefano Boni, Alexander Koensler, Amalia Rossi (2020). Etnografie militanti. Prospettive e dilemmi. Meltemi, Milano

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Alexander Koensler (2020). Prefigurative Politics in Practice. Concrete Utopias in Italy’s Food Sovereignty Activism, Mobilization 25(1), pp. 133–150

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Alexander Koensler (2020). Antonio Gramsci, Waddah Charara and Walter Benjamin: A walk on the wild side of intellectual militancy (review article), Anuac 9, 1, pp. 251-259

Download here: A walk on the wild side


Alexander Koensler, Pietro Meloni (2019). Antropologia dell’alimentazione. Produzione, consumo, movimenti sociali. Carrocci, Roma

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Alexander Koensler (2018). Reinventing Transparency. Governance, Trust and Passion in Activism for Food Sovereignty in Italy, Ethnologia Europaea 48(1), pp. 50-68

Download here: Reinventing Transparency


Alexander Koensler, Fabrizio Loce-Mandes & Andrea Zappa (2018). The Right to Certify? A Grassroot Response to Standardization, ANUAC 8,1 

Download here: The Right to Certify?


Alexander Koensler & Fabrizio Loce Mandes (2017). Activism for Food Sovereignty in Italy: Valorizing Horizontal and Personal Contacts in Participatory Certification Systems,  The Global PGS Newsletter, 7,7 (A conversation with Andrea Zappa about more inclusive ways to certify the safety and quality of food)

Download here: The Global PGS Newsletter 2017; 7, 7


Alexander Koensler (2016). Emerging Spheres of Resonance: “Clandestinely Genuine” Food Networks and the Challenges of Governing Sustainability in Italy, in: Envisioning Sustainabilities. Towards an Anthropology of Sustainability (a cura di Fiona Murphy and Pierre McDonagh), Cambridge Scholars Press, Cambridge, pp. 37-53

Download here:  2017-CAP Trust or Transparency – Envisiong Sustainibilities


AAVV. AM – Antropologia Museale (spec. ed. “Etnografie del mondo contemporaneo II.: il post-agricolo e l’antropologia”)

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Cabras, Sergio (2013). Terra e futuro. L’agricoltura contadina ci salvera’. Roma: Eurilink

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Koensler, Alexander (2015). Auto-certificazioni, in: AM – Antropologia Museale (spec. ed. “Etnografie del mondo contemporaneo II.: il post-agricolo e l’antropologia”), 34, pp. 29-32



Koensler, Alexander (2015). Israeli-Palestinian Activism: Shifting Paradigms. Farnheim: Ashgate

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Koensler, Alexander (2012). Per un’antropologia dei movimenti sociali: etnografia e paradigmi dell’analisi di movimenti. In Comprendere il dissenso. Etnografia e antropologia dei movimenti sociali. Pp. 47-57. Perugia: Morlacchi Editore.



Koensler, Alexander & Cristina Papa, ed. (2013). After anthropocentrism? Environmental conflicts, social movements, and power, Journal of Political Ecology, special issue vol. 20, pp. 286-294.



Koensler, Alexander & Amalia Rossi, ed. (2012). Comprendere il dissenso. Etnografia e antropologia dei movimenti sociali. Perugia: Morlacchi Editore.