Associate Scholars

Besides its core members, the project team includes a group of externally funded associate scholars and fieldwork consultants whose current work overlaps with the research programme and its geographical area of fieldwork. The collaboration with these associate scholars remains vital in order to create a striving research environment. In the course of the project, the collaboration with these associate scholars can take various forms.

Research Associates:

Elisa Ascione – Coordinator Food Studies Program, Umbra Institute Perugia

Diana De Luca – PhD-Student, University of Perugia

Luciano Giacche’ – Expert of local politics of sustainability

Massimiliano Minelli – Associate Professor, University of Perugia

Nežka Struc –  PhD-Student, University of Ljubljana


Documentary consultancy:

Cahal McLaughlin – Professor, Centre for Documentary Research, Queen’s University Belfast


Responsible for the cooperation with University of Perugia:

Cristina Papa – Professor, University of Perugia


Research & Organizational Consultants:

Federica Lanzi (2016)

Sergio Cabras (2016)

Eleonora Branchesi (2017)

Attilio Scullari (Website & Media)