Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Dr. Fabrizio Loce-Mandes



Fabrizio has been Postdoctoral Research Fellow of the Peasant Activism Project (Feb ’16 – Dec ’17). He received a Ph.D. in Social Anthropology by the Interdisciplinary Doctorate School “Cultures and Languages”, University of Perugia, with a scholarship for an ethnographic research in the field of deafness and Medical Anthropology, fully funded by the university. In particular, his Ph.D project investigated the political conflict between state authorities and social movements with regard to deafness in Umbria (Italy).
Specializing in Visual Anthropology at University of Perugia and attending courses at the prestigious Granada Center of Visual Anthropology in Manchester, he has proved his ethnographic and visual abilities in five documentaries and several unique visual productions, many of them based on long-standing networks of field contacts to public health authorities and social activism in Umbria and Perugia.


Areas of Expertise

He has carried out long-term ethnographic fieldwork related to deafness in multiple social spaces, including associations, state institutions, and hospitals, as well as research related to the Cochlear Implant. His interest related to social activism for the Right to Health allowed him to become part of a team that carries out an ethnographic study in an extremely polluted part of Italy. In this context, he realized two short documentaries regarding the health-disease relationship focusing on social movements involved in issues of environmental justice, as well as political and institutional belonging in the area of Brindisi (Puglia, south of Italy).
In addition, for many years Fabrizio has served as the Artistic Director of the international anthropological film-festival “Contro-Sguardi” based in Perugia. His role included multiple and complex responsibilities, including planning, coordinating and organizing of international events. In short, throughout the years he managed the different tasks that such a festival implies at all levels. Importantly, these experiences introduced him to a series of prestigious international networks in Visual Anthropology, including the invitation as a speaker in conferences and short courses in Brasil and Russia.


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Selected Publications

2016 (in press): Il tempo di parlare e segnare. Antropologia, politiche e pratiche del tempo nella sordità, in Antropologia pubblica, 2, Pizza G. – Ravenda A. (eds.),  Bologna.

(2014): Do invisível ao visível. Uma análise etnográfica da representação visual da surdez, nos âmbitos artístico e clínico/Dall’invisibile al visibile. Un’analisi etnografica della rappresentazione visuale della sordità nell’ambito artistico e clinico, in CONTRO-SGUARDI Diálogos de antropologia visual entre Brasil-Itália/ CONTRO-SGUARDI Dialoghi di antropologia visuale tra Brasile e Italia, Bollettin P. (ed.), CINUSP-LISA, CLEUP, San Paolo-Padova, pp. 182-22

(2011): I Ceri di Gubbio. Cronaca Visiva di un Restauro, documentary, EFFE Fabrizio Fabbri Editore, Perugia.


Visual Productions

(2015): (with Ravenda A. F.), AIDSFREEGENERATION 2015, campaign of NGO ARCI, financed by Waldensian Church (8X1000) and by Italian Ministry of Economic.

(2013): Pane, documentary.

(2011): (with Ravenda A. F.), Carbone: note per un’inchiesta sull’energia nera in Puglia, documentary.

(2011): I Ceri di Gubbio. Cronaca Visiva di un Restauro, documentary.

(2011): (with Ravenda A. F., Tabarrini L.), Carbone: impressioni (beta), documentary.

(2010): (with Tabarrini L.), Mi Diverto da Morire, fiction, screening at Contro-Sguardi: International Festival of Anthropological Cinema, and Marsciano Arte Giovani 2011 7° edition.